Specialist medical advice for pregnancy
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I come and see you?
Having a medical condition can increase the risk of complications in pregnancy, for example, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, pre-term delivery or a growth restricted baby. The pregnancy can also make your medical condition worse due to the extra stress your body is under. I provide a particular and very specialised service. I am unique in having extensive knowledge and experience in medical problems in pregnancy – something that your GP or regular specialist might not have. In addition, as I cover all medical problems in pregnancy, I can provide a co-ordinated approach to care if you have more than one medical condition or a medical condition and previous complications in pregnancy. Therefore, you will be getting the right advice for your pregnancy and not having to see lots of different specialists.

Can I see you privately using my medical insurance?
Medical insurance companies will not normally cover this type of appointment. However, I can usually discuss all the important issues in the first 50 minute consultation therefore there is usually no need to see me again. I also offer e-mail support and advice, after you have seen me for a consultation, for as long as you require.

Can I see you for fertility advice?
I am not a gynaecologist, and therefore cannot advise you on fertility issues. However, I see many women prior to fertility treatment to optimise their health to give them the best chance of a successful pregnancy.

Can I see you for advice and investigation of recurrent first trimester (early) miscarriage?
As a physician, rather than an obstetrician, I do not normally see people for recurrent first trimester miscarriage. However, if gynaecological causes, for example blocked tubes or uterine abnormalities, have been excluded, I see women for further investigation. Particularly, I have expertise in antiphospholipid syndrome (Hughes’ Syndrome) and its management for a successful pregnancy.