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Q : History Of DVT [ Sample Question ]

My sister got a clot (DVT) in her leg when she was pregnant. She had to give herself injections every day. I want to have a baby, will the same thing happen to me? - 06/05/2010 by Sample Lady

Reply by Dr Lucy Mackillop
Pregnancy is a time when the blood becomes thicker and this makes it more likely to clot in places it shouldnât â like the leg; called a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Sometimes, a woman might also have an increased chance of clotting in pregnancy because she has specific antibodies in her blood that can put her at risk; or she has inherited a clotting problem from her mother or father. These inherited clotting problems (called thrombophilias) are very common. Around 5% of the population has one of them and sometimes it puts you at extra risk when you are pregnant. The fact that your sister has had a clot would make me want to check your own blood before you get pregnant to see if you have an inherited clotting problem. You may need to have medication to thin the blood a little either when you are pregnant or immediately after you have your baby (which is the riskiest time).